Jacob Tanenbaum: Teacher At Sea 2007

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Come join teacher Jacob Tanenbaum and Snuggy the bear for a trip through Alaskan waters on NOAA Ship MILLER FREEMAN.  Mr. Tanenbaum will be joining the crew from May 20 - 30 to help study plankton and deploy drifter buoys.  We will even be releasing a drifter buoy built by students in Cottage Lane Elementary.  Click the links above or below to learn more and participate.

Midnight Sun -- Did you know it is light almost all the time in Alaska in the summer?  Click here to find out more:


Sunrise and Sunset times for Alaska

bullet What is Midnight Sun?


Weather -- Will Mr. Tanenbaum get sea-sick?  Only time will tell. Click here to find out the weather in the Bering Sea and (most important) the heights of the waves!

bullet Bering Sea Wave Height and Temperature
bullet Weather in the Bering Sea (From St. Georges Island)
bullet Sea Ice Levels in the Bering Sea
Time in Alaska:
Time in New York: